I have continuously been acquiring third-party funding for my research since I was a doctoral student: for consumables, for staff positions, and for my own salary. I continue to conceptualize and apply for new projects. Currently two major projects are active in my lab.
The first project and my most important grant is the Research Unit (RU) (in German: Forschungsgruppe FOR) 2180 funded by the DFG ‘Graded Implants for Tendon-Bone-Junctions’ with > 8 million € total funds. I am leading three out of nine subprojects within this collaborative RU. In parallel to being spokeswoman of the RU, DFG has funded my own position in a so-called ´research unit professorship´ from 2016 – 2019.
The second project is a subproject within another collaborative funding scheme of DFG, the collaborative research centre / transregio ´SIIRI: Safety Integrated and Infection Reactive Implantsʼ. Here, I am the PI within one subproject.
DFG funding is highly competitive and one of the most renowned funding schemes in Germany.
You will find my current and past funding in the list below.


Current Funding

Project TitleFunding sourcePeriod
Mechanisms of implant failure during aseptic loosening of hip endoprosthesesDFG
Collaborative research centre/ transregio 298 ‘SIIRI’
INST 192/550-1,
subproject A02
07/2021 – 06/2025
Biology and mechanisms of action of the signaling factors BMP2, TGF-β1/3, Smad8 L+MH2 (Subproject 1)DFG
FOR 2180 (research unit)
HO 2058/ 15-2
11/2018 – 03/2023
Quantification of release and activity of the signaling factors BMP2, TGF-β1/3, Smad8 L+MH2 (Subproject 6)DFG
FOR 2180
HO 2058/ 16-2
11/2018 – 03/2023
Graded implants: coordination FOR 2180/2DFG
FOR 2180
HO 2058/ 19-2
11/2018 – 03/2023

Past Funding

Project TitleFunding sourcePeriod
Biology and mechanisms of action of the signaling factors BMP2, TGF-β1/3, Smad8 L+MH2 (Subproject 1)DFG
FOR 2180
HO 2058/ 15-1
2015 – 2018
Quantification of release and activity of the signaling factors BMP2, TGF-β1/3, Smad8 L+MH2 (Subproject 6)DFG
FOR 2180
HO 2058/ 16-1
2015 – 2018
Graded implants: coordination FOR 2180/1
including Research Unit Professorship
(my own position)
FOR 2180
HO 2058/ 19-1
2015 – 2018
Module personalization: biomarkers for inflammatory processes around implantsLower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture
‘Biofabrication for NIFE’ ZN3228
2016 – 2018
Establishment of an implant-bound alginate matrix for cell-mediated neuron protectionDFG
HO 2058/ 13-1
2015 – 2018
Electrode optimization for neuroprosthesesDFG
HO 2058/ 10-1
2014 – 2016
Improved therapy of bone defects by induced pluripotent stem cells for generation of mesenchymal cell typesDFG
HO 2058/ 4-1
2011 – 2014
Human mesenchymal stem cells for neuroprotection/neuro-regenerationDFG (Lump-sum funds for SFB 599)2011 – 2014
Identification and characterization of SMAD1-dependent target proteins during BMP2-mediated osteogenic and chondrogenic developmentDFG HO 2058/ 1-1 
(research stipend)
1998 – 1999
Characterization of Beta-trace protein from human cerebrospinal fluid‘Graduate Advancement Act (GFG) Lower Saxony’ 
(PhD stipend)
1989 – 1991

Recent Publications – Original Work

# corresponding author

* equal contributions

Jahr 2021

Sundermann, J., Sydow, S., Burmeister, L., Hoffmann, A., Menzel, H., Bunjes, H. (2021):

ELISA- and Activity Assay-Based Quantification of BMP-2 Released In Vitro Can Be Biased by Solubility in Physiological Buffers and an Interfering Effect of Chitosan.

Pharmaceutics. 13(4):582

Oelze, B., Elger, K., Schadzek, P., Burmeister, L., Hamm, A., Laggies, S., Seiffart, V., Gross, G., Hoffmann, A.# (2021):

The inflammatory signalling mediator TAK1 mediates lymphocyte recruitment to lipopolysaccharide-activated murine mesenchymal stem cells through interleukin-6.

Mol Cell Biochem. 476(10):3655-3670

Segovia-Trinidad, C.L., Quaas, B., Li, Z., Lavrentieva, A., Roger, Y., Scheper, T., Hoffmann, A., Rinas, U. (2021):

Refolding, purification, and characterization of constitutive-active human-Smad8 produced as inclusion bodies in ClearColi® BL21 (DE3).

Protein Expr Purif. 184:105878

Sundermann, J., Oehmichen, S., Sydow, S, Burmeister, L., Quaas, B., Hänsch, R., Rinas, U., Hoffmann, A., Menzel, H., Bunjes, H. (2021):

Varying the sustained release of BMP‐2 from chitosan nanogel‐functionalized polycaprolactone fiber mats by different polycaprolactone surface modifications.

J Biomed Mater Res A;109:600-614

Recent Publications – Review Articles

Friese, N., Gierschner, M.B., Schadzek, P., Roger, Y., Hoffmann, A. (2020):

Regeneration of Damaged Tendon-Bone Junctions (Entheses): TAK1 as a Potential Node Factor.

Int J Mol Sci.;21:E5177.

Lavrentieva, A.*, Hoffmann, A.*, Lee-Thedieck, C.* (2020):

Limited Potential or Unfavorable Manipulations? Strategies Toward Efficient Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell-Applications.

Front Cell Dev Biol.;8:316

Hoffmann, A., Floerkemeier, T., Melzer, C., Hass, R. (2017):

Comparison of in vitro-cultivation of human mesenchymal stroma/stem cells derived from bone marrow and umbilical cord.

J Tissue Eng Regen Med.; 11(9):2565-2581